After graduating from TELECOM-ParisTech I worked as an IT engineer on several international projects, where I had the opportunity to deal with numerous technical documents in English and German. Given this international exposure and my strong interest in languages and writing, I then decided to become a translator from English and German into French, my mother tongue.

I carried out market research on the translation industry and soon realized that translation requires very specific knowledge and skills: language skills and translation skills are not one in the same. I therefore decided to enroll for a MASTER'S DEGREE IN TRANSLATION at ITI-RI in Strasbourg, France.

My objective is to deliver French texts that read as if written directly into French by the original author: my translations can be used immediately.

I am a responsible translator and only translate into my mother tongue (French). I revise all my translations TWICE before delivery, and your texts are treated as STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL.